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Name: Kelly
Age: 13
Grade: 8
Religion: Lutheran (Christian)
Hair: Medium/Dark brown
Eyes: Blue/Green/Grey (they change colors!)
Height: 5 ft. 3.5 in.
Weight: not exactly sure but around 115 lbs
 21 Questions About Me
1. What's your Favorite Color? Pink!!
2. What's your favorite food? salads and pastas
3. What's you favorite school subject? math I guess
4. Your least favorite School subject? literature i guess
5. Are you Bilingual? No.
6. Any Languages you want to learm? Spanish
7. Pets? none
8. Favorite Zine? i like lots of magazines but I guess J-14 is my favorite
9. How tall are you? i think about 5 ft 4 in
10. Shoe Size? 11...ik...huge!!!
11. What are your phobias? i dont really have any huge phobias.
12. What kind of movies do you like? all different types...some comedy, some romance, some scary...a mix!!
13. Who's your biggest crush? Kasey
14. Are you addicted to the internet? yeah!!!
15. What do you want to be when you grow up? teacher--either 4th grade or younger or Special Education
16. How many hours do you spend on the Internet? hahaha TONS!!!! A couple each day!!! lol...ik...its bad...
17. What's a vacation you would like to take? SoCal to visit Jess and Brian
18. Who's your favorite rapper? idk
19. What do you hate about yourself? my teeth
20. What do you like about yourself? im fun lol
21. How long have you be webpaging? not long...probably less than a year
Q&A of Kelly
General Info
1) What's your name?Kelly
2) When's your birthday? April 24
3) How old are you currently? 13
4) How old are you going to be on your next birthday? 14...drrr
5) Do you have any hobbies? sports, friends, guys, phone, internet, shopping, having fun, parties, more friends, more guys, more fun--lol
6) What's your favorite color? PINK!!!
7) What's your favorite flavor of gum? idk I like ne thing minty and I also like classic bubble gum 
8) What's your favorite food? salads and pastas
9) When you play truth or dare and choose truth, do you actually tell the truth? Yes. whats the point otherwise?
10) What's the worst thing you've been dared to do? idk
11) Have you ever been out of the country? no
12) Where were you born? St Joseph's hospital in Milwaukee, WI 
13) Do you have any obscure talents? no
14) What's your favorite number? eh, idk!
15) What is your favorite random fact? idk
16) What's the worst grade you've ever gotten? F--but that was only once in 4th grade on a wksht w/ 5 problems lol i was mad, too!
17) What is your biggest pet peeve? omg I have SO MANY--i have NO IDEA wats my biggest one! i have tons...every little thing bugs me!! lol
18) Have you ever been skinny-dipping? yup. lol

*On Favorites Not In The Above Section*
1) Favorite place to go in summer? idk 
2) Favorite movie? no idea
3) Favorite book? Bible--but like just a regular reading book...the Princess Diary Series
4) Favorite place to be? anywhere with friends where I can have fun 
5) Favorite thing to do in your spare time? anything with friends or go on the comp or TALK TO KASEY!!!
6) Favorite person(s)? kelsey and kasey 
7) Favorite font? idk I like small fonts 
8) Favorite song? i have a lot...but i'll just name a few: Perfect (Simple Plan), I Coudl Not Ask For More (Sara Evans), Can't Hold Us Down (Lil Kim & Xtina), Where Is The Love (Black Eyed Peas and J Timberlake), Here Without You (3 Doors Down), many more!!!
9) Favorite band/musical artist? idk
10) Favorite class/subject? lunch & recess. lol if u mean a real subject...math i guess cuz its rilly easy 
11) Favorite flower? idk im not rilly a flower person lol
12) Favorite season? summer.

*On Preferences*
1) Pen or pencil? pen.
2) Vanilla or chocolate? vanilla
3) Night or day? both
4) Sleeping or awake? Awake i luv to sleep but u cant remember/enjoy it lol 
5) Friends or family? both are good but usually friends
6) Weekends or weekdays: weekends
7) Books or movies? movies
8) Dark or light? hehe...depends what I'm doin and with who...if ya know wat i idk!!
9) Math or English? math
10) Lunch or recess? recess
11) Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi unless its from a soda fountain
12) 7Up or Sprite? sprite
13) Apple or orange juice? orange i not a big juice person
14) Pencils: normal or mechanical? Mechanical i guess 
15) Notebooks or binders? Notebooks 
16) Crayons or colored pencils? Or markers? crayons
17) Flying or driving? Flying
18) Walking or running? Walking--to lazy to run lol unless its in sports 
19) Storms: Cool or scary? neither lol
20) Music when you sleep: On or Off? depends
21) Glasses or contacts? supposed to for class...rarely wear 'em tho 
22) Slow music or fast? Fast 
23) Dancing or not? If dancing, how do you dance? YES DANCING!!! dirrty!!! lol...actually depends on the song! lol
24) Volume: Loud or quiet? depends on mood and song 
25) Makeup or not? yes
26) One piece or bikini? Bikini or tankini 
27) Winter or summer? Summer
28) Spring or fall? Spring
29) Cold or flu? Cold
30) Cold or hot? hot

*On Guys*

1) Long hair or short? short (or 
2) Hair color? Dark i guess doesnt rilly matter tho 
3) Tall or short? idc
4) Earring? doesnt matter
5) Cuteness over intelligence or vice versa? vice versa--i do NOT go by looks
6) Glasses or not? depends on the guy 
7) Popular? Doesn't matter
8) Jock? idc prolly not 
9) Muscles? i mean they're good but not needed 

*More Random Stuff*
1) Do you currently have a crush on someone? yes!!!
2) Who? kasey!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i wish he wuz mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
3) Does he/she know? yes but at the moment that doesnt seem to matter...(::sad face::) 
4) Are you lying? no. he knows.
5) Have you ever been out of the country? No
6) If you could go anywhere, where would you go? idk
7) If you could do anything, what would you do? be with kasey
8) If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would you meet? Kasey...unless you mean someone I haven't met...then God/Jesus 
9) Are you going to college? Where? Yes hopefully/probably MLC
10) What do you want to be when you grow up? teacher
11) What's your favorite kind of car? idk!!!
12) Are you superstitious? no.
13) Do you believe in God? yes!!
14) Angels? Yes!!
15) Satan? yes
16) Yourself? Yes--sometimes
17) Do you have brothers/sisters? Yes
18) Do you like them? Sometimes
19) Why not? sumtimes theyre mean annoying rude nosey and just uuuugh lol
20) Do you answer the phone or do you let somebody else answer it? i do a lot but sometimes somebody else
21) How many rings before you answer? 1 or 2 lol 
22) Who lives closest to you? my neighbors lol
23) Furthest-away-friend? laura
24) Do you have pets? If yes, names? no
25) What's your most embarrassing moment? Idk
26) What's the worst grade you've ever gotten? F in 4th grade and i was mad. lol 
27) If you had to choose to live with your mom or your dad, which would you choose? idk
28) Is there anyone you'd die for? yes, probably
Any other questions about me can be asked in the Forum or in the FAQ!!! Thanks!!!