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I love Spongebob Squarepants & all of the other characters. They are so cute and fun and awesome and anyone who doesn't like them is NUTZ!!! Spongebob, Patrick, & Gary the Snail are my three favorite characters! Because I love Spongebob & "The Gang" so much, I have dedicated one page of my site to them. Enjoy!!!

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  Spongebob is a yellow sponge who is very full of life. He live's in a pineapple house and his neighbour is Squidward. He has a pet named Gary and work's in the Krusty Krab. His boss is Mr. Krabs who is a very money grabbing crab! His best friend is Patrick, he's also friends with Sandy and Spongebob think's him and Squidward are friends, but I'm not too sure!
patrickPatrick is certainly not the most clever character in Spongebob Squarepants! Patrick is pretty laid back and doesn't work. He live's under a rock which is next to Squidward's house (which annoy's Squidward!). And as everybody know's, Spongebob and Patrick are the bestest of friends!

SandySandy is a weird squirrel. For one thing she lives under the sea, but when she's in water, she has her special oxygen suit on to protect her! She live's in a tree-dome and she originates from Texas! She is good friend's with Spongebob and Patrick.
Squidward is mean and nasty. His neighbor is of course Spongebob. Not only are they neighbous, but, Squidward has to put up with Spongebob at work too! Squidward play's the clarinet. And if the truth be told, he probably doesn't think Spongebob is that bad, afterall, he'd have quit his job ages ago!
Meet Mr. Krabs. This crab is the cheapest, greediest slob in all of Bikini Bottom. More than anything, he loves money. The smell, the taste... to tell it simply, he's a psycho. He's the owner of the Krusty Krab, and boss to Spongebob and Squidward. Usually he's pretty fair...unless of course, money is involved. He takes his job very seriously. He has a daughter named Pearl, who is as big as a whale. I mean, she IS a whale.

  Gary is Spongebob's pet snail, which is the equivilant to a cat above water. He meows like a cat and eats when he's hungry. He can do other various things, but you'll have to watch the show to find out just what. He and Spongebob met when he ended up on SB's doorstep, and the loving sea sponge adopted the snail as his own. And, yes, Gary is smarter than his owner.

I guess you can call this guy the "bad guy" of the show. The thing he wants more than anything in the world is the secret formula of the Krabby Patty, Mr. Krabs's special burger that makes the Krusty Krab so popular. Plankton owns a restaurant called the Chum Bucket, which serves food such as Chumbalia and...a living hand burger...thing. He is in fierce competetion with Mr. Krabs, but constantly has his plans foiled by either Mr. Krabs himself or Spongebob, who's dimly aware of Plankton's evil.
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