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Ever looking for some beauty tips and secrets? Well, I'll post a few that I know of on this page, and I'll try to change them every once and a while. Be sure to email me or notify me somehow if you have any tips that I should put up! Thx!
Tip #1--Dry out pimples OVERNITE!!
We've all gotten those big, red pimples that pop up out of no where, right? And sometimes you just HAVE to get rid of them right away! Well, here is a secret "acne mask formula" that will dry out your pimple while you sleep and make it hardly noticable, if not gone, by morning. Here is the recipe:
*Baking Power
Mix together until it is about the consistancy of a paste. Then, apply over pimple(s). Do not put an extremely thin layer on, but do not make it a super thick blanket of the paste. Apply it wherever is needed. It will dry onto your face and then you may go to bed! By morning, your pimple dillema should be gone!
Tip #2--Reducing Facial Redness
I hate it when pimples make the whole area of your face that it is on turn red, and I'm sure you do too. Well, there is a very easy way to reduce that redness. Simply put ice cubes on the red areas. At first when you take the ice cube off, it might be red still, because of the coldness, but the redness should go down shortly after.
Tip #3--Under-Eye Concealer
I know that when you're shopping for under-eye concealer, it can be EXTREMELY hard to tell what color would be most natural looking and best for your skin tone. Well, here's a good trick to find out. Either find a mirror in the store (or your purse) orgo with somebody when you're shopping. Take the tube with the one that you think would best match and hold it up to your jaw-bone area. Whichever color looks closest to your jaw-bone color will best match as your under-eye concealer. Happy shopping!
Tip #4--Red Eyes
If you were just crying and your eyes are all red, take ice cubes and put them on your eyes. It hurts for like a second but then it is gone. It works for me!
Tip From: Kelsey @ Tsunami Icons
Tip #5--Red Blotches
If you have red blotches (on your face or neck), take this green pencil (which you can buy at drugstores) and cover the blotch with it. This works because green cancels out red. Then put concealer over it.
Tip From: Kelsey @ Tsunami Icons
Well, that's all the tips I've got for now...come back later for more! And send your tips in to me so I can put them up!