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*~*Advice Topics*~*
Welcome To My Advice Site!

I don't know if this is the case, but I thought that some of you might wonder if what you're wanting to ask me about is something that I'm willing to give advice on. So, this part of the website is just going to be a list of topics that I will give advice on. Here are some of them:
* Relationships (Guys/Girls)
* Friendships
* Family Issues
* Work Issues
* Personal Issues
* Loneliness
* Rejection
Those are just a few topics, but I am willing to give advice about anything. So, never be afraid to ask about something. I'm here to help and the only things I ask are:
Please, ,NO:
* Prank/joke questions
* Dumb questions
* Sick or intrusive questions
I think that gives you the BASIC picture of what I mean. Please take this site seriously and don't ruin it with the grafiti of junk. Thank, ask away!