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Megan--Thanks for giving me the idea to start a site...I guess I'd say you "inspired" (well, actually "motivated") me to actually make one. Luv ya hun! BTW: Your site is great! Keep it up!
Mitsiki & DollieCrave--Thanks for having the best site ever! (And for having a great and helpful Forum!) You're inspiring, talented, fun, and the best site around! Keep it up and don't leave!
Brittany--Thanks for being a great sister and being SO PATIENT with me to help me with so many things! Thanks for makin' the layout and always encouraging me! LY hun!
Moni--Thanks for being an awesome sister! Thx for helpin' me when I don't know what to do and bein' such a sweetie! LY hun!

Kristin--Thanks for sharing links with me even @ first when my site was HORRIBLE and TINY! It meant (and still means) a lot to me! Your sists rock! Keep it up!

Kasey--Just wanted to thank you for being the great person that you are...that in itself inspires me!!

To ALL my loving friends & visitors--Thank you SO MUCH for all of your love and support! It means SO MUCH to me! LUV YA!