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Below are all of the reviews my site has gotten!!! If you'd like to review my site, just fill out the form on the bottom!!! Thanks!!!

Reviewed by: Brianne @ Briee's Wave
Site Reviewed: Teen Talk Advice Page
Possible Points: 100
Content: 10/10 - Lots of content!.
Layout: 9/10 - Its a very nice layout!
Creativity: 5/5 - Your site is very creative!
Ads/Pop-ups: 2/5 - Two ads and one pop-up..
Credit: 10/10 - You gave credit where it was due.
Links: 5/5 - Lots of links!
Text: 5/5 - Its cute and readable.
Color: 10/10 - Very cool colors that don't blind you.
HTML Ability: 7/10 - You may be awesome at HTML, but I do believe this is a pagebuilder.
Site Name: 5/5 - Its suitable.
Loading Time: 4/5 - Pretty fast!
Updates: 4/5 - Yup... lol.
Overall: 13/15 - I really like your website! Especially your SBSP page! =D Your Score: 89/100

Brianne <333

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