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Contacting Me
If you would like to email me about something, click the link at the bottom of this section. You may email me about wanting to become Sibling Sites or wanting to share links. Please do not email website comments, advice questions, or anything else that you could post on the boards. This keeps my email level at a minimal and then it is much more managable. Also, please do not email any non-site-related things to that address. It is only for site-related issues. If you email things that are not site-related, your email will be deleted immediatly and your email address will be blocked from my account. Thank you very much!
By the way--please note that I am in the process of changing a lot of things on this site and so shortly I will have a new email address as well, so make sure you check back to see if it is changed or not because once it is changed, the old account will not be upkept or checked.
Messaging Services
If you would like to contact me and get "immediate" response and I am not at the site using the tagboard or Forum, you can message me through MSN, Yahoo, and/or AIM. I give you permission to have my screen names.  They are:
MSN: KelBel0887 (
AIM: DB Kel0094
Yahoo ID: DBKel0094