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Sister Sites
Hey! If you would like to be a sister site, I'd love to be yours! Just let me know, either through the Tagboard, Forum, or email! I wouldn't mind having endless Sister Sites! So, let me know if you're interested and then we can work something out!
(Directions for emailing are below)
Note: Sister Sites are listed on a seperate page. (*~*Sisters & Gifts) Go there to check them out!
Note: When emailing me about sharing links, please make sure you:
* Make the subject "Sister Sites"
* Give me your URL and banner (if you have one)
* Tell me why you want to be sisters with me. (This will most likely not affect me choosing you or is very rare for me to say's just something I'd like to know!)
* Sign your name (whatever name you want me to refer to you as) at the end of the email.
* Underneath your signature, put "TTAP Rules!" so I know you read this.
* Also to make sure you read this, click "TTAP Rules" in the above rule!
* Click Here to email me!